Thursday, 11 April 2013

Zombie Walk Roppongi March 31

    Roppongi hosted a Zombie Walk on the 31st of March.  Who can resist the sights, the sounds and the stench of the living dead stumbling through Roppongi?  I couldn't.  Now all I have to say about this little spectacle is that one of the zombie organisers got a little bit precious about me taking photos, and got rather aggressive (for a Japanese person that is) about finding out whether I was a professional photographer or not, and what I was going to use the photos for.  If that sort of thing worries you, its probably best that you don't march folk around town dressed up as zombies and advertise the fact, because that's exactly the kind of thing that people who like taking photos will shoot.  And insulting a foreign photographer in Japanese for laughs is a. racist and b. not such a good idea when the photographer in question understands enough about what you're saying.  Because he may know Japanese words like abazure, but just be too polite to use them.
    Having said all that, everyone else seemed to be having fun, with some zombies getting well into the spirit of things.  
    If anyone has any legitimate issues with these pictures being posted here (for zero profit on my part. I make no money from this blog.  I don't have outside advertising on my blog, just projects of my own), then get in contact with me and we'll sort it out.  Until then, enjoy the show.

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