Thursday, 21 July 2011

Halloween in Roppongi (Tokyo) (2009)

While I'm trawling through some old photos, these put a smile on my face.
Halloween in Roppongi is simply outrageous.  Well, having said that, most things in Roppongi are outrageous, even if you don't know where to look.  But Halloween is great in Roppongi.  The main drag is shut off, and there is one giant cosplay party.  Japan doesn't give a crap about traditional Halloween costumes.  You will see a few scary ones about, but anything goes, as far as a costume goes.  And the vibe is awesome!  It's a great night to be out and about with a camera, ort just to be out and about full stop.
Again, if you're in one of these photos and would like to be removed, get in touch with me through this blog.

Kiss in Japan?!?

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