Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Playlist for last night's radio show

This here is the playlist for last night's installment of 'Sleeping in the Fire', my weekly heavy metal radio show.  The feature album was Alestorm's 'Back Through Time'.  Yarr...

Back Through Time - Alestorm
Shipwrecked - Alestorm
The Lake - Claim The Throne
Rat Infested Hut - Claim The Throne
Midst Of Sorrow - Obsidieth
Rise Forth - Obsidieth
Powder & Iron - Running Wild
Zucker - Cement Pig
Renegade (Cane It) - My Left Boot
Motor - Circus Of Power
Dimension - Wolfmother
Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath
The Sunk'n Norwegian - Alestorm
The Gallow's Pole Dancer - Alestorm
Perfect Gentleman - Helloween
Buckfast Powersmash - Alestorm
Scraping The Barrel - Alestorm
I Am The One You Warned Me Of - Blue Oyster Cult
Mirror Mirror - Candlemass
Blood Bath In The Arena - Cauldron Born
Rum - Alestorm
Kem Khefa Kheset - Nile
Apocalyptic Feasting - Brain Drill
Barrett's Privateers - Alestorm
Upon The Blood Of Men - Moonspell
Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid - Alestorm

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