Thursday, 11 April 2013

Melt Banana Roppongi Super Deluxe 29th March

    Having only been recently introduced to the special sonic madness that is Melt Banana, I'm not terribly knowledgeable about avaunt-garde weirdo music.  But I did get into the energy I heard from Melt Banana, and had the chance to catch them in Roppongi at Super Deluxe.  Melt Banana is now fairly stripped down, in that there's Yasuko on vocals and Ichiro on guitar, and drum and synth machines.  But it was a good chance to check out something a bit different (for me).

First up, Miila and the Geeks, with a stomping bass player

Limited Express (has gone?) is a suitably out there name for a band

Mirror Ball Interlude
 US band Moon Duo, who sounded rather like Hawkwind circa the '80's or the '90's to my ear, were a pleasant surprise.  They sounded a bit repetitive and simplistic at first, but I got into the groove, and was glad I caught them live.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

Melt Banana's substitute drummer/keyboardist.
 Lighting was tough for this gig (being arty and weirdo), but the frenetic energy of Melt Banana live was irrepressible.

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