Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Battle Axe Gig Vol. 5 Earthdom 30 Mar 2013

    Battle Axe Gig Vol. 5 went off at Earthdom in Shin Okubo on the 30th of March.  I went along with Makiko from F.I.D. (who recently played at Obscene Extreme Asia), and took some happy snaps.  Fatal Desolation were up first and were a regular death metal type band.  Decent sound, no pretense, solid act.  Necrophile were up next, a Black Metal act.  They were ok.  Velvet Worm, an all-female hard rock act, were the crowd favourite.  They've been around for a long time, according to Makiko, and they play a great live set.  The lead singer kept the crowd amused with raunchy ditties in between songs (to shouts of 'ERO!' from the audience).  The final act was Doraid, a Black-ish Metal band, and the crowd got between my camera and the band, so only one decent shot.  But they were a good finisher for the night.  Cheers Battle Axe!  And Cheers Makiko!

  Fatal Desolation.  I was wearing a Grave t-shirt on the night as well.  Fashion couple...eek!
 Necrophile dramatic pose.
 Windmill headbanging ultra-pose.  But wait...
 Check out these ultra mega mega metal shoes!  Ouch!
 Boom Tish Boom Tish....
 Serious hair.  I hardly saw her face all night.
 There we go...
Yes, that's right.  Fuck Your Brain!
 Crowd Favourite Velvet Worm.  A Femme Fatale cross between AC/DC and Motorhead.  Solid!
 What's not to like?
Rock On!
 (Yeah, I did take a few shots, didn't I...)
 (Well, the bass player was closer, and the crowd were going crazy at this stage)
 Ahh, the singer.
 Fan Service.
 I See You!
 The main act, Doraid, went sick.  So much so that I didn't want to imperil my camera.  Here's a sneaky shot of their gimp drummer.

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