Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hanami Shinjuku Gyoen 2013

    My visit to Tokyo this year coincided with Hanami season, or Cherry Blossom season, that magic moment at the beginning of spring when the Cherry Blossoms come out, and everyone camps out in parks under the blossoms on blue tarp and gets thoroughly pissed.  There are different varieties of Cherry Blossom trees, and the majority of trees in Tokyo are a very pale pink, almost white variety.  Most of the shots here were taken of a couple of trees in Shinjuku Gyoen, a public park that costs 200 yen to enter, and have a few of the brighter pink variety.  I'm no expert on the different types, but it was a good excuse to test out my macro lens.  The weather for the Sakura season this year was arse, being mostly overcast with some days of serious rain.  These shots were taken on one overcast day.  My last day was spent again in Shinjuku Gyoen, and the skies were clear and blue.  Did I have my camera with me?  Hell, no, of course not.  For more info on different varieties, times to go etc. check the link just below. 

A beginner's guide to Cherry Blossom Viewing

    For varieties of beer to accompany the event,the tried and true method is serious experimentation i.e., buy one of everything, drink, decide.  And Sakura season offers a socially acceptable event to do some serious research into this area in astonishing quantities. 

Japanese Beers

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