Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mission Statement

Testing, Testing...

I once read or heard a quote about blogging.  It went something like this...

Never in the field of human endeavour did so many say so much to so few.

And that was my rationale for not blogging.  That, and that I had nothing in particular to say.  What's changed?  Not much.  Except that I'm a bit sick of posting cool stuff on Facebook, which ultimately benefits Facebook really.  Oh, and that I have a few projects that I occassionally work on that could use a badge or two on a site more controlled by myself.  Not much more.

So, the Mission Statement.  Because any project sounds better with a mission statement.

To provide random links to the wonderful world of ideas.  To initiate the odd challenge or dare to information junkies like myself.  And to (ahem) give more digital air to my radio show (Sleeping in the Fire, a Heavy Metal radio show on Phoenix FM, Bendigo, Australia), my self-published photography books (links to follow) and probably some gratuitous reviews of stuff.  Just to get it out of my head.  And into yours.

Areas of interest you will likely find covered within this blog as it evolves are, in no particular order:
World War 2
Roman History
Steampunk stuff
Zombie Ants
Science whizz-bangery (obviously not real technical stuff...)
Medieval History
The occassional old skool conspiracy theory (just to keep it real...)
...and combinations of any of the above.  My Heavy Metal radio show did a special one night on the Heavy Metal History of the World.  It was as good as it sounds.  Better, even.

So that's the mission statement.  Get Real Ready.



    A very interesting photograph. The luminosity is quite extraordinary. It strikes me that that an image of this nature is quite a new phenomenon: so crisp and bright without photographer-added additional lighting.

    Dr Rodger.

  2. Hi Stew. Fancy meeting you here! Cheers for the comment. The place in question is Ikebukuro, in Tokyo, famous for female otaku, butler cafes (the female otaku-equivalent of Maid Cafes), Namja town (gyoza heaven), and Omote Road. It was Akihabara before Akiba became Akiba! (Trust me, this makes sense to some people out there...)

  3. you had me at 'testing testing..'

  4. Well, here I am. And now so are you.