Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Heavy Metal Band Name Super Challenge

All right.  Here's the challenge. Go find a random Heavy Metal Band Name Generator.  Here's one if you just want to jump right into it:

Then your task is to then google that name, to see if a band is already using that name, then post their Myspace page, or some other mark of shame.  Keep going until you find one that matches a randomly generated name.

I'll start.  Random name...Beyond Burial

And lo and behold...


  1. Funny I do this often, but my preferred seeking tool is then choose random quotes and take the last few words from the last quote. In this case confucius : When anger rises, think of the consequences.

    and lo lo and behold
    oops a punk band oh well's all good fun!

  2. It's all good fun until someone loses a trademark. Either it's a comment on how lazy new bands are, or on how good random name generators are.

    Here's another one: Beyond Carnage

    And, lo...