Saturday, 24 November 2012

Heavy Metal Halloween 2012

Another year gone, and the 3rd Annual 'Sleeping in the Fire' Halloween Special has been and gone, with some inescapable tracks, and some fresh additions.  Enjoy my playlist which aired on Halloween itself, nicely timed. 

Intro / A Cautionary Tale - Sabbat

It had to be done (again).  It's the perfect intro for a Halloween Special.

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Another must play song.  Classic!

Night Crawler - Judas Priest

Great Intro.  It didn't make it in the list for the last couple of years, it had to be done this year.

Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

I played 'The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle at Wesseria' last year from the under-the-radar classic BOC album 'Imaginos'.  This year, I returned to the old reliable.

Bewitched - Candlemass

A cheesy, chunky song made for spooky holidays

Halloween - King Diamond

Another must-play track.  Oh, KD, you loveable, satanic goofball, you...

Come To The Sabbath - Mercyful Fate

A KD double feature?  Hell(oween) yeah!

Halloween - Helloween

I'd have my Heavy Metal Weilding Licence revoked if I didn't play this one.  Unavoidable.

Trick Or Treat - Fastway

Getting all the classics out of the way...

Ghostbusters - Vomitron

Ah Ha!  A recently-discovered track that fits in perfectly with the Heavy Metal Holiday.

The Big Bad Wolf - Macabre

Such Big Eyes!  Macabre are a great choice again.

Zombie Attack - Tankard

For the intro alone.  And it's a great song as well.  Also goes well with the Easter Zombie Special.

Vlad The Impaler - GWAR

All the classic scary characters get a song.  And performed by a bunch of guys who are arguably even scarier.

Jack The Ripper - Hobbs Angel Of Death

Melbourne's own with their ode to the original slasher.

Horrorshow - Hallow's Eve

The name says it all.

It's not a Halloween without a Cannibal Corpse song, preferrably about zombies.  No shortage to choose from...

The Exorcist - Possessed

Another atmospheric addition to the list.

Lost Reflection - Crimson Glory

Not exactly in line thematically, but a major atmospheric addition, this haunting (no pun intended) (well, maybe a little) track deserves a spot nonetheless.

Hatework - Morbid Angel

Pure evil in a song.  No-one does evil music quite like Morbid Angel, fast or slow.

Under Bergets Rot - Finntroll

Infectious song from Finntroll, with just the right mix of carnival, spooky and trolls.

Draculea - Necrodeath

Another great intro, and another star of Halloween

A Day Of Night - Battle Of Mice

I love this track all the way through.  It's a great finisher for a show, and the outro is just a little too real for a Halloween Special, but keep 'em on the edge of their seats, I reckon.

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