Friday, 21 December 2012

Playlist for the 19th, guest programmers ABREACT

Heavy Metal Radio Show
Sleeping In The Fire

Guest Stars


Once again, Simon and Lee from ABREACT stormed onto my heavy metal radio show and took control.  The Boys from bendigo are making big moves, and their debut album is out. 

You can check it out here!

They played some tracks from their new album, they played some tracks from some other local artists, some of their favourites from international acts as well.

Remnants - ABREACT
Wolves At My Door - Converge
Transition - S E R I E S
Words And Phrases - Raised Fist
Shura - House Of Thumbs
Weight Of Disturbance - ABREACT
Asphyxiate - Artilah
Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space - Every Time I Die
Deathstar - Sevendust
Hollow - Alice In Chains
The Grit That Grinds - ABREACT
Scar The Surface - Disolved
For Those...(Dead On The Way) - ABREACT

Now there's a cool way to spend a Wednesday evening.

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You're Welcome.

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