Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Bendigo Record Comic and Toy Fair March 2015

  The Bendigo Record Comic and Toy Fair returned on March 22 at the Bendigo Expo Centre for another day of collectormania.  I know I spent too much money, but I landed a couple of major keys, as well as a Thor Hammer (and yes, apparently I am worthy to weild the hammer after all) which feels like a great anti-burglar device.  Unless said burglar has a gun.  Then I'm screwed.

I digress. 

50 vendors from all across Victoria, plus some Sydney folk, made the trip to Bendigo to sell us their stuff, and a good day was had by all.  Especially the guy who took all my money for those keys.
The Melbourne Comics folk had an expanded panel this year, with many artists and writers making the roadtrip up to Bendigo to support the Fair.  They held a Bendigo RCT Fair Exclusive launch of the new printing of the anthology comic Melbourne Comics Quarterly.  Gotta love an exclusive launch!
(Image by Craig Bruyn)

All in all, another fine day out for all involved, even if hip-pockets around Bendigo are hurting a bit.  But collectors are loving the opportunity to indulge their passions, and check out what's on offer.

 Punk As Fuck
 Play Me, Buy Me, Drink Me, Eat Me
 Lots to see...
 Daft Punk As Fuck
 Japan exclusives aplenty
 Toys for all ages
 Rampaging Roy levelling up
 Diggin' those crates
 Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze age keys
 Filling those gaps in the collection
 Star Wars overload?  No such thing!
 Some of the folks from the Melbourne Comics displaying their original materials. 
Killeroo is back!
Melbourne Comics did a special pic, available on the day as a laminated print, to purchase.  Did you miss out? (Image by Craig Bruyn)

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