Friday, 15 February 2013

Pink Floyd Heavy Metal Covers

Here's the playlist for my show, which aired on the 13th of Feb, 2013.

The Music Monster that is Pink Floyd covered by heavy metal bands?  Now there's a great idea for a show. 'The Nile Song', from Pink Floyd's 'Soundtrack from the Film More' (has anyone actually seen that movie?), is probably the heaviest Floyd song recorded, and lends itself to being covered by a heavy metal band.  And both Floyd and Heavy Metal are steeped in psychedelia, even if they went off in different directions.

Regardless of similarities, Pink Floyd have a towering repertoire of songs that can stand the test of various covers, and there's no shortage of great bands out there who have risen to the challenge.

A great place to start is a compilation entitled 'Like Black Holes In The Sky: A Tribute to Syd Barrett' featuring great artists covering Syd Barratt and Pink Floyd tracks.  A number of which appeared on my show and on this list.  Enjoy!

Most of the clips feature just the music, only one or two feature any video to speak of.  But, hey, the music, right?

1. Interstellar Overdrive - Kylesa

2. Welcome To The Machine - Shadows Fall

3. The Nile Song - Voivod

4. Another Brick In The Wall - Stahlhammer

5. Us And Them - Misery Signals

6. Welcome To The Machine - Queensryche

7. When You're In - Tiamat

8.  Fearless - Fish (ex. Marillion)

9. Cymbaline - Hawkwind

10. Arnold Layne - Intronaut

11. Time - Godsmack

12. High Hopes - Aesthetic Empathy

13. Run Like Hell - Kittie

14. On The Turning Away - Vanishing Point

15. One Of The Few - Angkagram

16. Chapter 24 - Jesu (feat. Justin Broadrick)

17. Any Colour You Like - Dream Theater

18. Astronomy Domine - Dredg

19. Another Brick In The Wall - Acid Drinkers

20. Astronomy Domine - Voivod
21. See Emily Play - Zodiak

22. Another Brick In The Wall - Korn


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