Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Playlist for the 25th. Guest hosts and programmers, The Cosmic Psychos

Last night, Ross Knight and Dean Muller from the Cosmic Psychos, came in to the Phoenix FM studio, and wrecked my life.  By that, I mean, they sat in on the show, where we had a good old chat about stuff, and they guest-programmed the show. 
The Cosmic Psychos need no introduction in Australia.  They are a legendary underground band, cited with influencing major bands in the Seattle grunge scene, and Yob Rock pioneers, as well as single-handedly keeping Australia's beer-brewing industries afloat.
The boys and I had a yarn about Death Metal, Ball-gags, cleaning products and vomit tours of Germany, among other riveting subjects.
Here is the playlist for the show, as compiled by Ross and Dean, with a few suggestions by yours truly.    
Lost Cause - The Cosmic Psychos
Pub - The Cosmic Psychos
Anarchy In The U.K. - The Sex Pistols
Atomic Punk - Van Halen
Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys
Satan's Undies - The Cosmic Psychos
Cum On Feel The Noize - Slade
Motorhead - Motorhead
20 Pot Screamer - The Cosmic Psychos
Down On The Street - The Stooges
Rock Bottom - Kiss
Hell Raiser - The Sweet
Lost And Found - The Saints
Skirtlifter - The Cosmic Psychos
Most People I Know - The Cosmic Psychos

Here's a link to the Facebook page for the show

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