Sunday, 11 March 2012

Psychedelic Photography

    The idea behind these photographs is fairly simple.  They were all taken in a basement Psy Trance club deep in the bowels of Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo.  The club was saturated with the thick sounds of dark psy trance, which was in turn thumping the table I had my camera set on.  There were also dancers getting 'in the way' of the shot, and the pissy little tri-pod I had the camera set upon was wholly inadequate for the job of keeping the camera steady.
    Now all of these obstacles would normally interfere with a clear shot.  But I figured that, rather than try to compensate for all of these elements, why not let them, in fact, guide the camera on its long-exposure shot.  The rhythmic doof of the dark psy added its own rhythm on the shot (through the table, and on the hapless tri-pod), dancing the 'subject' across the lens in many cases, and so this movement itself became the photo.  The people dancing 'in the way' of the shot became negative space, de-emphasizing elements of the play of light across the lens also, adding their own 'mix' to the shot.
    Many of the shots are close-up shots, 'mixed' by the music and the dancers, of the dj booth decorations.  A 'clear' shot of the stage can be seen as the final shot, for reference.  But the psychedelic effects speak for themselves, and the only alterations that have been made to them, in the colourful psychedelic tradition, is pushing the colour of some of the shots.  All else is free of manipulation.

Prints (and stuff) of some of these shots can be purchased through RedBubble at this link:

     The darker area in the bottom right hand corner of the shot is the space created by a dancer moving across the lights

    This is a 'clear' shot of the dj booth at the club.  Incidentally, this is Funk-time in Kabuki-cho.

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