Sunday, 4 September 2011

Playlist for last night's show (3/9/11) The Hell Special

Spinal Tap  Hellhole  Tragically Good!

The Gates Of Hell - Black Sabbath
To Heaven From Hell - Diamond Head
Alison Hell - Annihilator
Welcome To Hell - Running Wild
Born To Raise Hell - Motorhead
Hell's On Fire - Steel Panther
Neverending Hell - Centinex
Helleluyah! (God Is Dead) - Vader
Go To Hell - Carcass
Full Of Hell - Entombed
Hell Awaits - Slayer
What Hell Can Create - Sodom
Into The Lungs Of Hell - Megadeth
Servant In Heaven King In Hell - Kreator
Hell Hole - Spinal Tap
Last Caress / Green Hell - Metallica
Hellbent For Jesus - Tankard
Hellbent For Leather - Judas Priest
Silence Of Northern Hell - Blood Stain Child
Hermod's Ride To Hell (Loke's Treachery Part 1) - Amon Amarth
Planet Hell - Voivod
Commanding The Legions Of Hell - Goatwhore
Send Them To Hell - Toxic Holocaust
Burn In Hell - Merciless Death
Master Of Hell - Witchburner
Hell Trucker - Gama Bomb
Bullets From Hell - Destruction
Cajun Hell - Exodus

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